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The “Generalitat” of Catalonia initiates the procedures to repeal the decree “anti-renewable”

Friday, 17 May 2019 15:14

Finally! 10 years later, the “Generalitat” of Catalonia plans to give a boost to renewables in the region. The Government has initiated the procedures to repeal the so-called anti-renewable decree of Catalonia. This is Decree 147/2009, of September 22, which regulates the applicable administrative procedure for the implementation of wind farms and photovoltaic installations in Catalonia.


According to the Government, “given the importance of making significant progress in the implementation of wind farms and photovoltaic installations on the ground, it is necessary to eliminate the obstacles that the regulations currently in force in Catalonia contain for the implementation of both wind farms and photovoltaic installations on the land”.


It is therefore that it is has opened to public participation this decision to repeal the anti-renewable decree and asks those involved to provide their allegations in order to carry out the best regulation to be able to implement with new legal certainty renewable facilities.

The participation process will last one month and then, the Generalitat will have two months to analyze the proposals that have participated.


It is therefore the best possible response to the very serious problems to install renewables that has been depleting this autonomous community for 10 years to advance the energy transition.


Currently, only 30% of the installed capacity in Catalonia comes from renewable energy. The most powerful is hydro with 1,913 MW, followed by the wind, with 1,271 MW and the photovoltaic with 265 MW, according to REE data.


In terms of generation, this percentage drops to 20% and thanks to hydraulics; only wind and solar reach 7% of the total Catalan generation.


And all for this 10-year break. Only in the last year has there been a small thread of hope in the sector to see that the Eolpop project was launched, a cooperative project of a single wind turbine, as well as the approval of three wind parks of 90 MW of combined power for Naturgy; some projects which have been stuck for more than eight years.


Catalonia has to hurry if it wants to get to the energy transition train. (2019). La Generalitat de Cataluña inicia los trámites para derogar el decreto ‘antirrenovables’. [online] Available at: [Accessed 17 May 2019].


Test related to wind turbines can be carried out in specialized climatic chamber to check their characteristics.

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