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First, it is essential to know the role that the materials play on sustainable rehabilitation and efficient energy use because not all of them obey the requirements demanded of the environmental certifications. 

Ineltec climatic chambers and their additional subsystems are designed and manufactured following the reference indications of this standard (IEC 60068). This standard helps us to evaluate the climatic behaviour of the equipment and is what defines the test procedures. Ineltec equipment can carry out the different tests commented on part 2 of the standard.


The standard is made up of the following 3 parts:

  • IEC 60068 (1) General and guidance
  • IEC 60068 (2) Tests
  • IEC 60068 (3) Confirmation of performance

A researcher’s team from the University of Sevilla and University of Granada has designed a sensor system with a methodology that allows checking the state of the monuments from a faraway place, in real-time and low cost.