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Germany's 100-passenger electric aircraft already has a design.

Friday, 03 December 2021 09:37

The final design for a hybrid electric aircraft had introduced by the German Aerospace Centre (DRL), its aim is to develop aircraft that can be commercially successful with lower emissions and less noise pollution.

The SynergIE project counts on the collaborationof Airbus, Rolls Royce and is funded by the German Government. It is a hybrid electric short-haul aircraft with 100 seats and 10 distributed propulsion units on the wings. With the technology, the propulsion system is distributed across the wingspan, allowing for a more efficient airflow around the aircraft. 


For the final design, the researchers selected and evaluated a concept with turbogenerators in the airframe and ten electric engines along the leading edge of the wing among the various possible configurations. The design and installation of the propellers allow reducing the wing chord and rudder size, thus reducing energy consumption by approximately 10%. 


Flight characteristics investigated on the test stand


During the first virtual Flight in the DLR Air Vehicle Simulator (AVES), DRL test pilots evaluated  Flight characteristics of the hybrid electric short-haul aircraft. During the landing approach, they found that the aerodynamic interaction between the propeller waves and the wings strongly influences the aircraft Flight characteristics. To begin with the lower efficiency of the smaller rudder and vertical stabiliser, a team of researchers developed a flight controller that enables yaw control using a rudder combined with differential thrust.  


In order to expand the overall assessment capacity of German research and industry, the SynergIE project participants developed and established a universal "software simulation toolchain" for future hybrid-electric propulsion System aircraft designs system at DLR. 



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