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A new stronger and resistant glass inspired by marine molluscs.

Friday, 08 October 2021 10:01

A scientist team from the University of McGill in Canada has developed a new glass stronger and more resistant than the traditional, inspired by the intern layer of the mollusc shell. 

The new material has the resistance of plastic and could be used to improve the screens of mobiles phones, car headlights or windows. According to the researchers, the new material is three times stronger (resistant to scratched) and five-time more resistant to fractures (resistant to blows) than the traditional glass.


Scientists claim that the inspiration to create the new revolutionary material has been the nacre, the substance found inside the shells of some molluscs. The nacre has the rigidity and durability of a soft matter. It is composed of rigid pieces of chalk - like matter that are coated with smooth proteins that are highly elastic.



The researchers replicated the nacre architecture with scales layers of glass and acrylic, producing an exceptionally resistant material, but opaque. To make the compound optically transparent, they went one step further by adjusting the refractive index of the acrylic by making it blend perfectly with the glass.


They claim that produce the material is easy and cheap. Shortly, the scientists plan to improve it by adding intelligent technology that allows to the glass change its features like colour, mechanics, or conductivity. 




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