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Emission-free steel for the automotive industry

Thursday, 23 September 2021 08:48

The global steel industry produces 7% of the world's direct carbon emissions caused by using a manufacturing technology based on iron-ore. This technology uses high furnaces that emit coke carbon. But every time we see closer the possibility to make the transition and reduce the global carbon footprint in the steel industry.

The Swedish company SSAB has reported having achieved the production of the world's first decarbonized steel that has been delivered to the Volvo Automotive Group. Sweden is one of the countries in which electrical energy produce mainly by non-CO2 emitting means.


That is why a steel plant can assure that its electricity would be renewable and, a big part of renewable electricity can be derived to produce the called "Green Hydrogen". It was only necessary to reach the required technology to achieve the process to manufacture steel without emissions. And this has been achieved by the SSAB steel industry with the HYBRID process what has the aim of replacing the coke carbon, necessary for the steel manufactures based on iron-ore, for electricity without fossils and hydrogen.


As part of the collaboration, Volvo Cars will be the first automaker to get steel from SSAB. The steel will be used for testing purposes and maybe to use in a vehicle concept equipped with this material. With the aim of be the first fossil-free steelmaking technology in the world.



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