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An engineer team of MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) from United States, had been developed a paper-thin speaker that can be pasted on any surface, making it an active audio signal source, through a minimum energy quantity that is capable to reproduce high quality sounds. 
The first domestic heat pump that uses propane as a refrigerant and allows homes to be heated without emitting carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, has been developed by a team from the University Institute for Research in Energy Engineering (IUIIE) of the Polytechnic University of Valencia (UPC) and the Saunier…
Do you fear for your safety when testing lithium batteries? Discover the solutions applied by Ineltec in the world of lithium batteries. 
A team of researchers led by the University College of Londres (UCL) has increased the efficiency of a new type of ultra- thin photovoltaic cell, that could be used as a low-cost, environmentally friendly with high stability under environmental conditions. 
From the Technology University of Sydney (UTS), Australia, a team of researchers led by Guoxiu Wang have designed a chemical substance to boost the performance of lithium-air batteries in order to give electric vehicles have the same range as petrol – powered vehicles. 
The international standard IEC 60529 evaluates and establishes the degrees of protection of containers against the intrusion (ingress) of foreign materials. These levels are classified according to the protection index which is used to determine the resistance (protection) level offered by a material against the penetration of solid objects, like…
Researchers from the Polytechnical University of Madrid (UPM) are studying the possibility of reusing and recycling construction and demolition waste for improving the thermal insulation characteristics of buildings, thus reducing energy expenditure costs. 
With the intention of reducing CO2 emissions the LIGHTCAR research project was born. AIMPLAS has developed new sustainable materials and processes to reduce vehicle emissions by reducing weight. 
The final design for a hybrid electric aircraft had introduced by the German Aerospace Centre (DRL), its aim is to develop aircraft that can be commercially successful with lower emissions and less noise pollution.
HySeas III project, financed by European funds, has released the first pictures of what will become Europe’s first maritime ferry powered by hydrogen fuel cells.
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